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Traffic Guide

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Total mileage: about 22.6 kilometers

Total mileage: about 22.6 kilometers

Starting point: Yingjing County

1. Starting from Yingjing county, driving to the south, driving along the Xiangyang Lane for 80 meters, turning left into the 1st east section of Renmin Road

2. Driving along the 1st east section of Renmin Road for 190-meters, after passing the Yingjing bridge for 160 meters, driving straight into Xinnan Street

3. Driving along Xinnan street for 1.2 km and going straight to G108

4. Following G108 for 120 meters and turning left into the ramp

5 Driving 1.5 km along the ramp, then straight into the Beijing-Kunming Expressway

6. Driving 9.1 km along the expressway, exiting at Longcanggou / Yuquan toll station, turning right into the ramp

7. Driving along the ramp for 1.3km, then going straight

8. Driving 3.3 km, then turning left

9. Driving 480 meters and turning rear right

10. Driving 750 meters to the destination (on the right side of the road)

Destination: Longcanggou